How do I register?
To register for one of our programs you will need to meet with one of our Family Support Workers.  Together, you will look at your needs and the Family Support Worker will refer you to the right program at Norwood or in the community.

Please phone 780-471-3737 to book an appointment with a Family Support Worker to find out what program is right for you.

Family Support Services
Do you need supportive counseling, the benefit of having a Family Support Worker work with you in your home, or advocacy support for your family?
Family Support Services are offered to all participants enrolled in Norwood programs and also to families who are on a waitlist for a program at Norwood. Family Support Workers recognize every family’s different set of strengths, circumstances, needs and goals.

Family Support Workers provide:
Home visits to talk with families about issues, concerns and goals they may have for their children and family
Information and resources about identified issues such as child development, ages and stages, effective parenting strategies, etc.
Referrals to community services based on the child’s and families needs
Advocacy support
Supportive counseling

Nutrition Services

Meals and snacks are prepared daily for all children and their families who attend programs, groups or functions at Norwood.