Working Differently – 1st Edition | September 2011

by Bev Parks, Executive Director

Working DifferentlyThere is consensus in this community that we need to do things differently.  There are many conversations happening regarding the opportunities to integrate new learning and new approaches. We need to rethink how we deliver services to these families (for example – move to strength based from focus on deficits, move to outcome based service delivery and always the need for new approaches as cultural diversity increases). There has been a great deal of focus on a new model of which to work  – Outcome Based Service Delivery but that focus currently has been more within the child protection area rather than the early intervention and prevention area.

Download the 11 page document [pdf]

Working Differently – 2nd Edition | November 2012

by Bev Parks, Executive Director

Working Differently #2In order for Norwood Child & Family Resource Centre to provide evidence that there is a need for additional resources, we felt it important to provide you with a better understanding regarding the changes we have made not only in our practice but how we have undergone major changes in the way in which we work with children and families by using our expertise within the agency as well as with our partners and our community differently.

Download the 12 page document [pdf]


Working Differently – 3rd Edition | February 2013

by Bev Parks, Executive Director

Working differently #3For the past three years, Norwood was strategic and intentional in its desire to adapt to the ever changing culture and environment.  Being responsive to the needs of the communities it serves was still paramount but more importantly was the ability to be adaptable, flexible and able to work differently than we had before.  It doesn’t mean we give up everything we do as we know, through our outcomes, many are the right supports for children and families.  However there is a belief and culture within the agency that recognizes we can enhance some of what we are doing, we can also share, collaborate and even transfer to others.

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Environmental Scan | April 2013

by Bev Parks, Executive Director
Environmental Scan 2013An analysis and evaluation of internal conditions and external data and factors that affect the Norwood Child + Family Resource Centre.  The project helps us understand our agency’s internal needs and assets and the external environment in which we operate.  It also provides information that can support us in forming and/or confirming our vision, and identify our Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.  We look at all kinds of things that will potentially have an impact on the agency over the next 5 to 10 years, not just the next 3 years.

Download the 84 page document [pdf]


Norwood Early Childhood Community Development Project | 2012

by Ashley Card – Tusnadi, Community Development Coordinator

Norwood Early ChildhoodThe purpose of the Norwood Early Childhood Community Development (NECCD) project is to identify, within the Alberta Avenue community, what families living here value in their community, what resources are available to assist families with healthy early childhood development (ECD) and what barriers and challenges families face living in this community. The NECCD project also provides families with insight into their community and increases awareness of resources available to their family. NECCD project encourages community growth and development by building capacity to develop informal networks, social policy, and programs.

Download the 82 page document [pdf]